Community Kitchens

community kitchens healthy low cost mealsA Community Kitchen is a small group of people who get together in order to prepare and learn healthier cooking techniques and habits.  The kitchen is run by a trained Coordinator who is there to teach and interact with while making recipes that are nutritious, affordable, and easy to follow.  Assistance can also be offered with planning meals and shopping.  Community Kitchens run every other week for approximately 3 hours.  There are new kitchens starting all the time. 


If you are interested in becoming involved in our Community Kitchens or would like more information, please contact the Dede Bone at 250-554-3134 ext 520 or email at


If you would like to donate produce of any kind, fruit or vegetables, or donate any canning equipment please contact Dede Bone. 


Fruit Preserves Canning Workshop - June 18, 2016


Interior Community Services is now a Good Food Organization

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