Child & Family

In-Office Counselling

A family counselling program offering 6 to 8 sessions, generally within a 90 day period, at no charge.

Program Information

Counsellors meet with individuals & families to create a safe, compassionate, and dignified working relationship to help:

  • Clarify needs
  • Connect with their strengths and wisdom
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Share and identify helpful perspectives, skills, and actions
  • Access further supports

Individuals & families are supported in strengthening relationships and increasing healthy communication patterns while exploring possibilities for addressing any issues presented. Counsellors employ various strategies in working with families: Family Systems Theory is a key method utilized.

Who is Eligible?

Families & individuals with children under the age of 19 and who don't have access to other benefits, such as Employee Assistance Benefits (EAP/EFAP), are eligible. Counselling is available for individuals, families, and couples.

The nature of the program is not designed to meet the unique needs of children & youth under 14 years of age. Referral & resource information can be provided if seeking counselling for younger children/youth.

How to Refer:

Families can be referred by a Social Worker or families can self-refer by calling 778-470-8410 and requesting to be placed on the wait list for In-Office Counselling.

Please Note: Wait time for service can range from 4-6 weeks.

2023 Program Impact Statement

2023 Program Impact Statement

Click on the picture above to read the In Office Counselling 2023 Program Impact Statement.

Service Update

Please do not come to the office if you are ill. If you &/or your family members are sick, contact your counsellor to discuss alternatives or to reschedule.



Our office is a scent-reduced space - for the wellness of all, please refrain from wearing any scented products, purfumes or colognes.

Please do not use the contact form above to share any sensitive or private information as this form is not encrypted.

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