Food Security

Mount Paul Food Centre

The Mount Paul Food Centre is a hub for all local food security programming. The focus of our vision is to operate the centre based on food access, food skills and education.

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Community Dietician

The Community Dietitian works with a population health lens to increase food security so that clients have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life.

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Community Gardens

Community Gardens are fenced shared land divided into garden plots for use of anyone in the community who wishes to participate in the opportunity to grow their own nutritious and healthy produce.

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Community Kitchens

A Community Kitchen is a venue for involving participants in the preparation and preserving of their own economical, healthy food choices and provides a social interaction and knowledge sharing environment.

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Food Fit

FoodFit is a 12 week course where participants will be immersed in the areas of cooking, nutrition knowledge, and physical activity.

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Food Recovery

The Food Recovery programs enables excess food donations to be delivered to the Food Centre on Saturdays where volunteers help clean and prepare the donations for both program use and personal use.

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Meals On Wheels

The “Meals On Wheels” is a meal delivery program available to all persons who are unable to provide meals for themselves regardless of age or income.

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Good Food Organization

Interior Community Services (ICS) is a Good Food Organization through Community Food Centres Canada. ICS is one of 105 organizations from across Canada who are joining together to work for a healthy and fair food system. The Good Food Organizations initiative supports food security organizations by increasing their capacity to offer healthy and dignified food programs in their communities. Through the initiative, ICS has increased access to resources, customized training, potential grants as well as access to a network of progressive organizations committed to increasing health, promoting social change and offering community capacity programs across Canada.

ICS' involvement in food security continues to expand with the opening of the Mount Paul Food Centre. The Food Centre operates with a number of food security programs all working together to promote the importance of individual's and the community's food security. For more information on ICS programs please contact the Food Centre at 236-421-1011. For more information on the Good Food Organizations initiative, visit:

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