Seasonal Yard Waste Pick-Up

Eligibility Criteria This program is intended to help keep low-income seniors in their homes longer. Residents must be 65 years of age or older, and must have proof of income (2018 income tax verification). Income threshold is $25,000 for a single or $38,000 for a couple. Please call 250-828-0600 for details.

Pickup Guidelines Yard waste will be picked up for senior citizens (65 yrs and older) once in the spring (April and May) and once in the fall (September and October).

Yard waste is defined as: Leaves, grass clippings, and minor pruning’s from trees and shrubs. Pruning’s must be shorter than four feet. Large branches from trees which have had major pruning work or where the tree has been completely removed will not be picked up. A chipper machine is not available. Yard waste must be bagged, tied/bundled, and easily accessible (at the curb, roadside, or alley outside fence) and must not exceed what would normally fit into the rear of a half ton pick up truck. If the pruning’s are not from your property, they will not be collected.