Brock Duplexes

Brock Duplexes consists of twelve 3 bedroom duplexes with private yards in the Brocklehurst area of Kamloops. Elementary and high schools are in close proximity to the complex.

Program Information

Brock Duplexes provides families with long-term subsidized housing where rent is geared to income (rent is based on 30% of gross household income) for eligible applicants. The Brock Duplexes housing is offered in partnership with BC Housing Management Corporation. Non-smoking and pet restriction policies are in effect for all new tenants.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Families defined as a minimum of two people, including one dependent child
  • People with disabilities who can live independently and are in receipt of a recognized disability pension or are considered disabled for income tax purposes
  • Applicants must meet BC Housing residency requirements, income and asset requirements, and have a satisfactory tenant history.

How To Refer:

  • Apply online at www.bchousing.org
  • As the demand for housing exceeds the number of units available, it is not possible to predict when an applicant may receive an offer of accommodation. Different housing providers often have different criteria for prioritizing applicants, examples include:
    • Chronological, date by application
    • A point system to determine which applicants are in the greatest need

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Contact Information


Corner of Windbreak St, Fleetwood Ave, and Calmar Place, Kamloops BC

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